web developer

What does Web Developer do?

The modern world is hard to imagine without the Internet. It is created by numerous services, web applications and services. Have you ever wondered who is behind the creation of the websites you visit, the services you use every day? Although some of them are certainly created with the use of ready-made software and templates developed earlier, behind the proper look, mechanics and support for users of most of them is a web developer.

What does a web developer mean?

Who is a web developer? It is certainly an IT specialist, or software developer, but it is impossible to define it precisely, it is a very general concept, and it begins to gain a detailed meaning when the scope of tasks or technology is defined. He is responsible for web applications – first of all their creation. There are many paths of development, skills and opportunities for a web developer. Most often it is a front end developer, responsible for the website visible to the end user, its mechanics, web application. However, also IT specialists working on the so-called backend, as well as devops are referred to as web developers. Unlike a web architect, a web developer does not deal with graphics or aesthetics of a website from the point of view of its design. Also, the content itself does not fall within the scope of the tasks of the front end developer, the content is handled by the client, copywriter or person responsible for positioning.

How does a web developer create web applications?

People working as web developers can both work in software house and be freelancers, run their own businesses or be employed by large corporations. Web applications can be defined as custom software, customized to meet specific needs. They are created in a variety of technologies, but as the basis for the necessary distinguishes HTML, CSS and JavaScript and all the tools and applications used in the production process. Backend developer, DevOps specialist or Full Stack Developer use other, usually more advanced programming technologies. Depending on the technology chosen by the customer, the systems, if any, to which the applications are to be additionally connected, the process, which includes custom software, can be both relatively simple and very complex.

Web applications – technology diversity

Ordering an advanced web application from an unknown web developer specialist can be problematic. It is worthwhile to use the services of a proven software house for a complete project or for some IT outsourcing projects. Competent and experienced software developers in teams guarantee a holistic approach to the subject as well as timely project implementation in line with the assumptions. Different technologies used so far in the creation of systems in a company may require special needs. Working in Windows applications usually involves using the knowledge of the .NET developer. The development of existing applications sometimes forces the use of technologies known mainly to experienced web developers. The database of specialists – programmers of scripting languages (see our JavaScript developer list), functional languages or just . NET (see our .NET developer list) or Java environments, combining their knowledge with the scope of creating dynamic websites is the basis for effective implementation of even the most advanced projects.