Windows app development

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Windows desktop apps & Windows services

The process of a new windows app development begins with a thorough analysis of the Client's expectations and needs. The functionality that the Client wants to have and the simplicity of using the system by end users is very important to us. Windows desktop apps are used primarily where the program's efficiency and full control over the runtime environment are the most important. Windows apps can be small programs as well as extremely complex and specialized systems. In the case of windows apps, we are not dependent on the web browser: its errors, updates that bring unexpected changes, or differences between browsers in the way elements are displayed.

Windows apps are also all types of services running in the background of the operating system, which are often an important and secure access point for mobile apps or web apps.

We mainly implement windows apps as a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WSA (Windows Service Application) or Desktop Application. We are basing on technologies: .NET C#/VB, SQL (MS SQL SERVER), LINQ.

Windows app development