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Software design and implementation

We provide comprehensive Customer service - from concept, software design, preparation of specifications, software programming, preparation of infrastructure, software testing, to final start of the system. In the meantime - many meetings, coffee drinks and thousands of lines of code. We love to work close to the Client and his needs, which is why we love to create custom software. For us the most important is the Client and his satisfaction.

Our specialty is to create web applications (including ERP software) designated at the same time for computers, tablets and smartphones. Such web based applications, thanks to the technology used, automatically adjusts their appearance to the size of the screen, which makes them always transparent and functional. Then often separate mobile application development is no longer necessary.

Software design
Custom software development

Programming technologies

Custom software is made mainly in the following technologies:

  • Web apps: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core (MVC & Razor Pages), JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, React, Angular, HTML 4/5, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap
  • Mobile apps: Android, iOS, React Native
  • Windows apps: .NET C# / VB, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WSA (Windows Service Application), Desktop Application