Our Software Services

Web app development

Web based applications that you use directly from a web browser, to which you have access from practically all over the world.

Mobile app development

Mobile applications installed on smartphones. Custom software of this type gives the greatest options to use advantages of the mobile device.

Windows app development

It's not just windows desktop app for specialized tasks. It is also important services run in the background, supporting other IT systems.

Software design

We always start the software design process from an in-depth analysis of customer expectations and needs. We love to create custom software.

IT outsourcing

Outsourcing of IT specialists is ideal for new projects as well as in case of unexpected delays in the projects being already developed by your team.

IT Consulting

Consulting services. During several meetings, we will take a look at the aspects that interest you and propose the best solutions for your business.



DO IT GLOBAL is a software company (software house) that collects enthusiasts of programming and design. We love to solve problems and provide our Client with specialized custom software, eg ERP systems, web apps, mobile apps, and windows apps. Application development is our passion, especially developing and creating custom software, as it is fully adapted to the needs of the Client.

We also work with specialists not directly hired in our company, basing on mutual agreements concluded with other friendly companies from IT sector. It gives us access to many experts in many technologies and enables the exchange of valuable experience. Cooperation also allows us to implement larger projects, increases our mobility, flexibility and accessibility.

Firma programistyczna

Cooperation models

Time & Material

The final cost of software development services results from the number of man-hours of IT specialists involved in the project and a fixed hourly rate. The number of man-hours is regularly reported and settled at the end of the month or a given stage of the project.

Fixed Price

The cost for all software development services is determined before the project starts and requires the detailed functional specification and work schedule - of the entire project or a specific stage of the project.

Place of service


Custom software is made by IT specialists remotely, with the possibility of starting work at the Client's.


Custom software is made by IT specialists in the location indicated by the Client, eg in his company.

Mixed model

A part of the software is performed in the location indicated by the Client, and part remotely.