Custom software

Custom software VS box systems

In many companies starting their business, extending its scope or making changes, the decision-makers wonder what software to choose for the most important tasks and better work organization. The most common question is whether to opt for custom software created by a particular company or software house, or whether it is better to buy a ready-made system. Sometimes the creation of applications as part of IT outsourcing services is also considered, when custom software is created directly in a given company with the participation of external employees.

What possibilities does custom software offer?

Properly designed and implemented bespoke software is the product tailored to individual customer needs. If they are well defined and the business processes that the custom software is supposed to support are described in detail, bespoke software will speed up work, potentially generating greater profits. Undoubtedly, integration with other systems used in the company will also be easier if customized software is created. The most important thing, however, is the proper process that involves creating applications. Only experienced professional teams providing software development services should undertake such tasks. You can read more about how tailor-made software is made in the article App development in software house – best custom software.

Custom software – an advantage over the system out of the box

The custom-made dedicated software, already in the development phase, can be adapted to existing database systems or communication with customers. Moreover, the procedures in force in the company, the document circulation process developed and applied, or the decision making of customized programs will take into account in full. It will not be necessary to adjust the way of proceeding, rules and habits to the functions of the purchased software, which may be non-intuitive from the point of view of a given company. Of course, the process of creating highly developed systems for the final version may take even several months, but also the implementation or adaptation of ready-made systems is time-consuming. Custom software is usually development software, with the possibility of further adding necessary elements.

When will a box system be better than custom software?

Although it would seem that well-developed and documented bespoke software is the best solution, there are a number of situations in which a program from the box will work just as well. ERP systems may work better when purchased as a finished product, as such software usually provides a wide range of functionality and only when the customer has the opportunity to take advantage of it, may the customer become aware of his needs. Box systems are usually cheaper, so when the budget is tight, creating applications from scratch is usually impossible. The system straight from the box can also simply perform all desired functions, making programming services unnecessary. Nevertheless, custom software is often chosen to have a fully customized solution.