software development companies what workers do they need

What kind of employees do software development companies need?

Much has been said about the fact that software development companies are constantly struggling with the problem of a shortage of qualified employees. Looking through job advertisements it is not difficult to find job offers for Java developer, web developer or software tester. What is the demand for programmers and IT specialists, what is most important for employers, how do they get employees?

Labour market and software development companies in Poland and worldwide

Software development services is a very specific field with a number of different specializations with different degrees of advancement. It is not only the creation of applications, but also app development, maintenance, integration and many other activities requiring complex skills. The deficit of employees on the labour market felt by software development companies results to a large extent not so much from a lack of properly educated people, but from insufficient experience matching specific needs. Wanted C#, Java or .NET developer usually requires several years of experience, previous work as a Junior or even Senior developer. This is slowly changing in line with the pattern of foreign companies, which often invest a lot in their employees, training and even reshaping. Often a person with predispositions, but lack of knowledge and education thanks to dedicated training programs takes effective work as for example SQL or .NET developer. But also contrary to appearances, software development companies often look not only for software developers, but also for other employees. You can also read more about the activities of software development company here: What does a software development company really do?

Software development companies – education or experience?

At this point, a question arises that concerns many people interested in a career in the field of computer science – is it more important to have a specific education or rather practice in the recruitment process conducted by software development companies? It turns out that there is no clear answer, although job advertisements for a job as an IT specialist in the chosen technology seem to say something different. However, this is a kind of vicious circle, because without a proper education it is difficult to gain professional experience, whereas with a diploma of graduation alone, without an apprenticeship, it is not easy to get a job. Of course, many people working as a web developer, for example, could gain all their knowledge and practice on their own, but the very fact of being employed in a specific software house or by a specific company in need of IT solutions required the presentation of a specific skill portfolio.

Recruitment and training conducted by software development companies

So are there any places in Poland where a software developer will be employed freshly after graduation without experience? Certainly, however, on the other hand, few future IT specialists are still working as beginner PHP developer, Java or other technology while still studying, often even in their first year. Also, in most cases the curriculum itself requires an apprenticeship, after which in many cases the apprentice becomes a full-time employee of a software house or corporation. On the other hand, people who do not have an education, but who are so-called self-taught, also have a chance to be employed by software development companies, because few recruiters require higher education. Skills that can sometimes be acquired through dedicated training programmes are important.