Software development company

What does a software development company really do?

Software house is often referred to as a software development company. It usually employs IT specialists – software developers, analysts or designers and provides software development services. So how does app development look like in such a place, or is it their task also to support inherited systems? We invite you to read the article.

A good software development company – IT specialists and IT outsourcing services

Do you belong to people who associate an IT specialist with a nerd in glasses and a flannel shirt, staring intensely at the computer screen, typing at the speed of light on the keyboard and not knowing too much about the world around him? Such notions are common, although they have been a little different from reality for a long time. People working in a field such as app development in various software houses, are almost no different from “ordinary people”. Every JavaScript developer, C# or .NET developer, web developer or software tester is an intelligent, knowledgeable person who works as a freelancer, IT specialist in a particular company or developer in a software development company. It can also provide services to other companies as a member of the IT outsourcing team.

Creating applications from scratch in a software development company

Actually, every Software House is a place where software is created or developed. However, sometimes it is difficult to talk about the physical place, because software development is very often a job done remotely, managed by numerous programs supporting programmers. Sophisticated custom software created from scratch in software house requires a complex design process, preferably in accordance with a specific methodology. You can read more about it in the article App development in software house – best custom software. A software development company can specialize in a specific branch, for example, Android app development or mobile app development, or focus on specific software development technologies – .NET developer, JavaScript developer or C++ developer.

Software development company and legacy systems

A difficult issue that not every software development company is able to deal with is the so-called legacy systems, i. e. applications or complex systems with a specific technological debt, of great importance to the company. Most often, these are custom-made programs (custom software), which were created without good programming practices and create more and more problems. A good software engineer together with a team consisting of many IT specialists, .NET developer or other technology can undertake a gradual replacement or reconstruction of such a system. The outsourcing of IT specialists used in such situations allows to create well documented, efficient custom software.