software house

Software house – what does it mean?

The contact with computers in various forms, mobile devices and software has practically everyone. The applications and systems running on this equipment had to be designed and developed by someone. Software house is the place where custom software is created. However, throughout the whole process of app development, there are many stages and people responsible for various aspects, often only loosely related to programming.

Who can work in a software house?

The answer to the question about software house employees will certainly be various types of IT developers. A software development company most often employs many people described as an IT specialist, who are proficient in a particular IT branch. They will therefore be a JavaScript developer, Java or PHP developer, as well as a SQL developer or an experienced software tester. It all depends on the field in which the projects are implemented, as well as the tools and techniques used in their development. However, a well-developed application development process also requires the cooperation with the client by people who are properly prepared for it, as well as the team management itself, which should be entrusted to experienced project managers. This type of software development company is also very often a place where marketing specialists work, as well as in large teams of HR experts.

Software house and interactive agencies

It is not infrequent that the term software house is used interchangeably with an interactive agency, although usually these companies have a slightly different business profile. From a general point of view, both can develop web applications, but interactive agencies are mostly a form of advertising agencies focusing on the image of the customer on the web. They have specific business and marketing goals, leaving programming services to companies specializing in this field. Mobile app development, web app development, high-tech programs and integrations are the most common tasks for software house employees. They focus primarily on the technical aspect of projects, proper functionality, compliance with well established requirements. However, it is not uncommon for interactive agencies to have departments that also deal with complex IT projects, so that concepts are often combined.

Main tasks performed by software house

Software development companies called software house create custom software, i. e. most often specialized customized programs. They focus primarily on the proper identification of the customer’s needs so that the specification is correct. Whether it is Android app development, web app development, creation of ERP systems or e-commerce, each type of software must go through the various stages of production, completed by testing and implementation. You can also read about how programs can be created in the article App development in software house – best custom software.