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Working as a front end developer. Required skills

A position called front end developer is often chosen by people entering the labour market. In the general opinion, duties are not very demanding at first, as in the case of other developers, and a software development company is willing to employ people without much experience. What skills are worth having when applying for such a job?

Front end developer requirements

It turns out that working as a front end developer can look a bit different in every software house or other company, just like the list of requirements. This is mainly due to the rather broad concept of the front end, taking into account web applications. However, most web application development from this site requires knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technology. In addition, the JavaScript developer most often needs to be able to work efficiently in a specific framework and use selected libraries and tools. Sometimes, despite this, according to employers, a front end developer should also deal with graphic elements, or even the whole mechanics of the site. For example, when working as a PHP developer, he takes over the responsibilities usually placed on the web developer position. However, this is too generalized a range of skills, which can mislead many people.

Front end developer and popular frameworks

The web application development usually takes place in a specific environment. The level of sophistication of modern web applications makes it impossible to prepare them in a simple text editor, as was the case with the first websites a few decades ago. The use of large, developed frameworks in the creation of the front end is most often beneficial in the case of complex projects. It is worthwhile for a front end developer to at least have an orientation in a chosen framework, for example Angular. js in one of the versions or the simpler Vue.js. There are also environments covering both front and back side web applications, where one team can be responsible for complex web application development. Meteor.js is also used by full stack developers, who are responsible for mobile app development or windows app development. Working in software house will almost certainly use at least one of the popular frameworks, which may impose the required knowledge of specific tools. Find out more – What does a software development company really do?

Is it always the front end developer a JavaScript developer?

The popularity and relative simplicity of the scripting language JavaScript has made it the most commonly used to build interactive web applications, in which numerous actions are performed on the user’s side, in the browser. That’s why a JavaScript developer with knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 will be the most sought-after front end developer, but often you may also need specialists in TypeScript, RWD, Rest API or AJAX technologies, depending on the specifics of your application design. A good software engineer has a wide knowledge, thanks to which, even if he specializes in a particular technology and environment, he can familiarize himself with other necessary libraries or methodologies for the project without major problems.