PHP programmer - the beginning of programming is not so difficult

PHP developer – does he need to have webmaster skills?

Working as a PHP developer is a very common occupation. The language itself tempts with relatively simple basics, rich online documentation. You can easily feel like an IT consultant after a short network tutorial. But is a career for people developing web applications in PHP really that simple? Why are they repeatedly required to have comprehensive knowledge of the web developer? Or maybe a novice IT consultant will find himself faster as a Java, Python or .NET developer?

The PHP programmer – so who?

The PHP programming language is treated by many developers a little bit steeply. It is an environment used primarily in the process involving the app development, dynamic websites. That’s why many software houses as well as individual customers are almost constantly looking for people to become PHP developer. However, very often the scope of requirements for programmers differs significantly. Many of them are tasks for people creating complex web applications, graphic designers or full stack developers. Sometimes you need not only the basics of databases or testing. It is also the ability to work as a SQL developer or full-size software tester.

Small projects and complex web applications – PHP programmer with many possibilities

A specific mix of competences of a software developer, graphic designer, software tester or database IT consultant most often occurs in the case of small projects or freelance app developers. In order to find themselves in the market without a permanent job, they often have to show a lot of skills. This also means that not so much the software house, but rather the companies that commission the web application development at once think that a PHP developer can work as a web developer on his own. Check also the article: What does a web developer do? When designing highly developed web applications, specialized IT outsourcing is very often used to implement them.

Is working as a PHP developer a good idea to start?

A career in the IT industry does not have to be difficult, even without a degree. However, the future IT consultant must have a strong desire for self-development and practice analytical thinking. If you are interested in what the beginnings of other programming languages might look like, read: Java developer – how to start? Starting an adventure with programming as a PHP developer is not a bad idea. But you have to be aware that the competition on the labour market, despite the shortage of specialists, is considerable. Working in a software house usually requires a lot of experience and specific skills.