A .NET developer should have broad practical skills

.NET developer – how to gain practical programming skills?

The .NET developer is a very desirable IT specialist in the labour market. However, in order to find employment in such a position or provide software development services, not only a rich theoretical knowledge of .NET technologies and tools, but also practical skills are required. How to get them? Is it possible to master the technology on your own to successfully work in the industry as an IT consultant?

Application design, coding and troubleshooting – first steps as a .NET developer

Thanks to the high popularity of programming languages from the .NET environment, the first steps involving app development in C# or another selected language need not be difficult. There are plenty of online courses available, even free of charge, as well as professional literature. Thanks to them, the software design, its implementation and testing on a basic level is available to almost everyone. Those who want to invest in education can go for intensive training including app development. Such bootcamp gives very often good practical skills. It is also worth knowing how the capabilities and tools of the .NET environment have developed. You can read a few words about it in the article .NET Developer yesterday and today – how are Microsoft’s technologies changing.

 .NET developer – Developer Days and other thematic events

Does participation in conferences, trade fairs or online training courses have a chance to improve the practical skills of people setting up their career path as a .NET developer? I certainly do. Dedicated to programmers creating web applications, ERP systems or other software, conferences, lectures or workshops such as .NET Developer Days create many opportunities. It is not only a sharing of knowledge by practitioners, co-creators of technology, but also an opportunity to get a job or a good internship. Many software companies, software house use events of this type to attract new employees.

Internship or Junior .NET Developer  – how to find employment?

If you are trying to make your first steps as a .NET developer yourself, it is worth trying to get a good internship or practice. Sometimes the career path does not start with working as a developer. Perhaps it will be easier to apply for employment in another position – check What kind of employees do software development companies need? However, it may not necessarily be possible to find a full-time job to start with. It may be a good solution to cooperate with a specific company as part of IT outsourcing services. It often works well for self search – small orders for programmers can be done as a freelance C#. However, it is certainly feasible to acquire practical programming skills as a .NET developer, but it requires a sufficient amount of free time and commitment.