.NET developer

.NET developer yesterday and today – how are Microsoft’s technologies changing?

The .NET development platform is a toolkit developed by Microsoft since the late 1990s. The possibilities offered by software development in .NET are constantly growing. Over the past few years, the Windows framework has evolved from a typical Windows system solution to an inter-platform solution. It allows to create custom software dedicated to different systems. Thus, working as a .NET developer has changed a lot over the years. Currently, the definition of a .NET programmer is inaccurate, as the environment supports over 40 often quite different programming languages.

What is working as a .NET developer?

Although looking for a job as a .NET developer usually requires clarification of what environment and languages are known, there are many common features among all people working in this position. The knowledge of the .NET framework and its possibilities, especially the issues used in working in a given software house, are obvious. If software development includes mainly desktop versions, it is useful to have a detailed knowledge of the specifics of the platform on which they are developed. In addition, the .NET programmer should usually know the rules of database operations, the basics of working as a SQL programmer. In the case of work that is to include web applications, it is also important to be aware of the principles of web technologies, such HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript developers use.

The beginnings of the .NET platform – a Windows application developer.

Before the .NET framework was standardized, open and expanded into many languages and platforms, the .NET developer could be identified by many as a C# developer of Windows elements. Read more in the article C# Developer in Windows environment. The beginnings of the bootable environment and .NET libraries, despite their original assumptions, actually made it impossible or extremely difficult to create applications for systems other than Windows. That is why the .NET developer is still considered to be mainly a “window specialist” by people with no deeper or up-to-date knowledge. In fact, effective and efficient Android app development, Linux, MacOS or web applications is possible only for several years. By opening up its technologies, Microsoft has effectively contributed to increasing their popularity and applications.

.NET developer and dedicated software

Almost every software development company works on different projects. This includes custom software development. Systems, applications or modules dedicated to specific solutions can also be successfully created during the work performed by the .NET developer. Many professional software houses currently use this framework because of the rich libraries and functionalities that are difficult to access in other technologies. You want to know why dedicated software is so important? More about possible solutions can be found in the article Custom software VS box systems. Thanks to the use of .NET capabilities, the software design, their coding and implementation is relatively fast and the possibilities are very wide.