backend developer

Backend developer and his role in application development

Creating various types of applications, be it dedicated solutions, mobile or web applications development requires specific skills and experience. A team of specialists often works on a single program, and when the process involves complex custom software, often even the entire company or branch of a corporation. The backend developer plays a key role in the software development process, as the smooth operation of all functions depends on it. Find out who the backend developer is and how exactly the backend software is made with him.

What does working as a backend developer mean?

Web application development requires cooperation in basically two zones, front-end, i. e. presentation, and back-end, i. e. programming functionality, services in the application. If you want to know more about what a frontend developer does, read the article Working as a front end programmer – skills required. Web software development as a backend developer enforces at least partial cooperation with front-end developers. First of all, however, it is the API – Application Programming Interface, which is then used by software developers working on sharing functions using the GUI – Graphical User Interface. As a result of the back-end programmer’s work, the services used are created, which often, despite the short interface, cover many hours or even many days of work done by a C# developer, Java developer or PHP developer, thousands of lines of code, components and dependencies.

Backend developer position – key tasks

The key tasks for people working as a backend developer include appropriate programming of the API. However, the web developer in this area is also supposed to take care of optimal application operation – performance and speed is very important nowadays. The code must also be written according to the rules of good programming chosen in the software house to be legible, not excessive, and understandable to other people in the project. Software development also requires the development of current documentation. Specific tasks that a backend developer may have include developing the API itself, creating a database, handling safety issues or maintenance issues – maintenance, bug fixing.

Technologies and tools for backend developer

Who can work as a backend developer? Most often it is a .NET developer with C# language, a Java developer, PHP developer, Ruby developer or other software engineer, in a language of your choice that works well with the tasks of web developers. In addition to the development environments, IDEs developed for programming the functionalities of web applications, programmers use a variety of libraries to support their work, as well as database systems. Besides, like almost every software developer – IT specialist, when working on the backend, tools are used to manage infrastructure and environments, code version control systems or platforms for communication adapted to the working conditions available to the software development company. Read also: What does a software company really do?