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Web developer in the labour market – what must he know?

Good quality web applications help you to perform many everyday activities and can make your work and life easier. They accompany people on a daily basis, often even their users are not fully aware of how accustomed they are to them as long as web applications work properly. Therefore, an IT specialist such as a web developer, who actively participates in the process of application development, is desirable on the labour market. But what should a person applying for this position be able to do? Is there a set of universal web developer skills?

Web developer and broad requirements.

It turns out that when comparing various job offers to a web developer position, one can find a large cross-section of almost completely different requirements. What’s more, some people employed in this kind of position are expected to have the skills that a backend developer has, such as a PHP programmer, frontend developer – which together gives a full stack developer, and sometimes even requires knowledge of computer graphics processing. Such broad requirements are most often placed by companies counting on comprehensive programming services, not fully aware of the complexity of expectations. Many times internet applications development requires employing several specialists, using software house services or counting on good outsourcing of IT employees.

Can a web developer have a narrow specialization?

There are several technologies that dominate the web application development, their web interfaces, and mechanics. A JavaScript developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP will certainly find work as a web developer. People who specialize in a particular language and technology, and at the same time know the basic elements of website building, will also find themselves at the position of Junior Web Developer without any problems, as it does not require extensive knowledge. For a web application developer it is usually not a problem to learn new tools, use different environments or even switch to a different programming language as long as he has mastered the basic principles and logic of operation well enough.

Job offers for the position of web developer and reality

Increasingly, employers are moving away from hiring people for positions as generally defined as web developers. They prefer to have a number of IT specialists in specific fields, co-creating a harmonious and effective team. Numerous software house or other companies employing IT specialists are looking for people for a job position such as a JavaScript developer, SQL developer or computer graphic designer, who will have web development in their tasks. This is also due to the high demand for IT specialists on the market, combined with a small number of people with relevant experience. You can read more about the job market for programmers in the article What kind of employees do software development companies need? Therefore, it is in the employer’s interest to correctly define the positions and precise expectations so that it is easier to find the right people to work.