software tester in a software house

A software tester – what is it worth knowing to become one?

Working as a software tester is an opportunity for people who want to start a career in IT. They can work in software house or as a freelancer. Although often underestimated, the application tester plays a key role in the process involving the mobile app development, IT systems or custom software. It depends on its meticulousness, accuracy and quality of work whether the next version of the application or a completely new custom software will be reliable and error-free. Also, proper communication between the software tester and the team allows you to achieve success. What is the reality of this profession? So who can become a good software tester? Is a tester always a JS, PHP or Java developer?

Does a software tester need to have education and experience as an IT specialist?

Many people considering a career as an IT consultant are wondering how to start. If you want to know what kind of employees programming companies need – click. There are many paths of development, interestingly enough, not all of them require specialist education or completion of studies. This includes a software tester. It is important that he learns the theory of testing and the necessary tools. What is more, people who prove themselves in this job are very often not educated in the sciences as mathematicians, physicists or IT specialists. However, certain characteristics, such as meticulousness, inquisitiveness and diligence are valuable. Soft skills and the ability to communicate clearly are also important when working in a team. As in the predispositions required for professions such as PHP or .NET developer, testers also need analytical thinking skills. An automation tester must also know the basics of programming, selected libraries and test tools.

Freelancer, own company or a position in a software house – software tester and form of employment

When working as a software tester, teamwork is important. Experienced people in this position usually develop forms of remote work. It is based on excellent communication with a group of programmers. Therefore, working as a freelance shooter is rather difficult to achieve at first. It’s easier for a JavaScript developer or PHP developer to work this way. In software house companies, testers are hired on the basis of employment contracts or in the form of B2B cooperation. Then own, one-man business activity can be an opportunity for additional development in other directions. Check out what else a software company can do by reading the article What does a software development company really do? In conclusion, it doesn’t have to be difficult to gain experience as a software tester. But it is important to focus on success and to explore the possibilities of this activity inquisitively.